Five is too many

“The legal battle has already begun.”

The Affordable Housing Opportunity Sites plan is made up of 12 city-owned properties. 5 of those properties are clustered in Lincoln Heights’ commercial business district. This is too much for our neighborhood to absorb.

Bad faith

Councilman Cedillo has operated in bad faith. He has stood in front of television cameras and promised 100% affordable housing projects on these five parking lots in October of 2016, then broke that promise in December of 2016 with a council motion to develop these sites as mixed income projects.

He stated in a public debate in February of 2017 that Lincoln Heights stakeholders would be part of a robust community dialogue about these projects. In December of 2017, the councilman approved, with zero community input, the exclusive right to negotiate with a development partnership made up of GTM Holdings and WORKS (Women Organizing Resources Knowledge and Services) to develop all five parking lots in Lincoln Heights.

Our voices

Our voices deserve to be heard. For example: should the projects be 100% low income or should we have a mix of income types? Many in the community are divided on this issue – but we have not even been given the chance to discuss this with the bureaucrats or politicians working on the project.


The legal battle has already begun. We have raised money (and continue to do so), retained an excellent legal team, and have begun organizing our community to demand our voices are heard.

A development agreement between the City of Los Angeles and the partnership of GTM Holdings and WORKS is (as of February 2018) still pending approval by the full city council.

Planning and building permits to develop the five parking lots have not been submitted by the development partnership, and therefore have not been approved by the council.