Cedillo No-Show for Packed LHNC Meeting

The Lincoln Heights Senior Center on Thursday, February 15, 2018 was filled nearly to bursting with people looking for answers about, and a chance to have a say in, the development of housing projects on five Lincoln Heights public parking lots.

Most in attendance were very worried that the project was advancing and there was no meaningful input from neighbors, businesses, and other stakeholders on a project that raised some legitimate concerns.

This was a regular meeting of the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council board, all of whom respectfully listened to a great number and variety of speakers from the public – from young school children to senior citizens.

Speaker after speaker got up and expressed negative sentiments about the proposed development of five parking lots in Lincoln Heights – though all were unanimous in wanting to help the homeless. The main complaint was a process, started by Councilman Cedillo with a motion he authored in 2015, that has been a highlight reel of public relations for the councilman – but zero community relations for the neighbors.

Councilman Cedillo, Mayor Garcetti, and their various employees were absent from the meeting.

Assemblymember Wendy Carillo did have a field deputy in attendance, taking notes.