Developer Chosen, Mixed-Income Units Locked In

Councilman Cedillo has been a busy bee!

In city council on December 13, 2017 he introduced a motion that could have a big impact on the five parking lots in Lincoln Heights slated for development.

This motion, which was passed by the council the very next day, awards the exclusive negotiating rights to develop the five parking lots to GTM Holdings and WORKS (Women Organizing Resources Knowledge and Services).

This motion cements his earlier motion (from late 2016) requesting mixed-income units on these five sites. That change, in turn, mandates a certain amount of parking.

So, a developer has been engaged, the income mix of units has been decided, and parking has been as well!

Just a day after passing this motion, Councilman Cedillo’s spokesman, Fredy Cejas, was quoted in the Eastern Group News stating the following:

According to Cejas, Cedillo will require [the] development team selected to engage in a robust community participation process to solicit input from the district’s diverse stakeholders.

That input, Cejas said, will be used to “define the parameters of a potential project – including but not limited to what type of housing, the number of units, architectural design, parking requirements and other related city planning and environmental matters.”

“Plan to Build ‘Affordable’ Housing on City-Owned Parking Lots Gains Steam” by Gloria Alvarez, Eastern Group News, December, 2017

Strange, isn’t it, how deals are being made in city hall while promises for “community participation” keep getting put off?

Those busy bees in city hall don’t seem to enjoy leaving their hive!